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30 years after the war, Cambodia remains one of the poorest countries in the world. thousands of children, homeless, live in the streets, in dumps.

​They are sick, do not receive any medical care, have never received any parental care. They cannot read and go to work everyday, without any shoes, clothing, hats, under a 113°F sun to earn $1 per day to survive
and sometimes to feed their ill parents.

We went back to Cambodia, our native country, 5 years ago to help our fellow cambodians in need. Every year the number of sick Cambodian keeps increasing. Our isolated action is so small compared to the suffering of the population. This motivated us to create « SOS CAMBODIAN KIDS »,a non-governmental organization which purpose is to help the children that are the most in need as well as their families.

Our mission is purely medical, social, and educational. Ladies and Gentlemen we needyour help. Join us.


« Our mission is medical, social, and educational »

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